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Will a Battery Desulfator Recover or Extend the Life of My Lead Acid Batteries?

Simple question, complicated answer.

I will try to answer as succinctly as possible.

Sulphate crystal build up has been known about since the Lead Acid battery was first invented, and this build up leads to over 70% of premature failure of lead acid batteries. However all batteries wear out over time and no device can stop that happening.

Over the last 30 years or so battery manufactures have made great strides in combatting sulphate build up and improving the life span of their batteries, by introducing changes to the construction of the battery plates, and in ideal circumstances, proper maintenance and correct charging, sulfation should not be a problem.

However we do not live in a perfect world and sulphate build up remains the major cause of battery failure.

It has been found that a controlled overcharge of the battery will break down the crystals, and if used correctly will keep the batteries in good clean condition, and extend the useful life of the battery. This method is not recomm…
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9 Common Factors Driving the Freelance Economy

What will drive the Freelance Economy?

I will go out on a limb and state this: Flexible and Freelance work will gain acceptance and accelerate in volume for many years to come. The work landscape will be vastly different a generation (just over two decades) from now; Flexible and Freelance work will be a significant and perhaps dominant aspect of it from today's viewpoint. This is not new - it is likely you have heard about the brave new world of Freelance work already and Uber being used (wrongly) as the example for all things Freelance. While there is hype, there is enough good reason to believe that we are already on our way to a future as predicted above. In this article we will look at the various factors, whose interplay will favor a Flexible/ Freelance work economy. In the subsequent articles we will look at

  Freelancing in technology work (forget Uber example), and  Freelance economy 2.0

What is leading us to the land of Flexible and Freelance work? We need to understand th…

Best Recruiting Practices

Best practices:

1. Current employee referrals

This source knows your business inside and out and can help shape the culture fit you are seeking in a new hire. Often time business owners fail to see their current employee pool as an asset that can bring in more of the desired hires they are seeking. Let the employees know what you are seeking and they will often have the opportunity to bring in the next great hire. Don't forget to include new hires in this process, they are often coming from their previous company and know others exploring new careers. Combining this tactic with a cash bonus or incentive is an additional way to bring in the new employees you desire.

2. Former employees

It may seem a bit unconventional but any employee who left on good terms may want to return with good terms. Staying in contact with this segment of former employees can also have the added benefit of referrals as well. In much the same way your internal employees know your business, former employees do …

7 Efficient Apps That Are Suitable for Doing Programming on the iPad

This is an undeniable fact that the iPad is not the most favoured hardware choice for programming purpose. However, with the increasing popularity of this device, many developers are dedicating themselves to devise such applications that work well on the iPad and are not offering very unsatisfying services! Here is a list of 7 efficient programming apps that work well on the iPad without creating many complications.

#1 Coda

Initially, Coda started its journey as a Mac editor only. However, now, Coda offers an impressive and dynamic iPad and iPhone text editor as well. Due to its utmost efficiency, many developers are looking forward to this programming app. Some of its remarkable features are:

It provides necessary support to syntax highlighting for several programming languages such as C, Apache, HTML, CSS, Go, PHP, Python, Perl, JavaScript etc.

This application includes remote as well as local file management along with a diverse collection of remote protocols like WebDAV, SFTP, DreamOb…

Considerations When Choosing an Automatic Powder Filling and Capping Machine

The purchase of an Automatic Powder Filling and Capping Machine for your business setup needs to be well planned and executed. This is because it has the potential of affecting business operations in the future. To ensure that you get it right, you have to thoroughly examine your operational, productivity and financial issues before making the purchase. In addition to that, you will also have to do an assessment of your future requirements which is more or less where you want your business to be in the next few years.

The automatic powder filling and capping machine is an essential part of many businesses of powder packaging industry. Purchase this equipment and install it in your plant, it is a smart investment for labor and productivity. However, there are several factors that you need to consider to ensure that you purchase the right equipment for your plant.

1: Configuration
One of the aspects that need your consideration is the configuration of the equipment. It is important to have…

What Trends Will Custom Packaging See In 2017?

Marketing experts predict some global packaging trends that are going to prominent in the industry in 2017.

• Simple, bold and clear: going back to fundamentals is a trend that never dies. This year the version of simple, bold and clear is going to be more expressive and more persuasive to the customers. Using minimum elements in the package design can promote the product in a very decent way. In today's fast moving world consumers have not much time to read each and every detail given on the box? So just stick to the essential information and help the purchaser to make the right decision. A clear, clean design can convey the information and make the product shine using simplicity.

• Custom lettering: every designer loves mind grinding and to get crafty to generate some of the best work by hand. They do this practice to get the original effects in the designs. Irregular line and natural texture files can make a product stand out in comparison to the digital designs and patterns. Th…

4 Types Of Earphones

If you are looking for headphones, did you know that there are very many kinds of headphones in the market that you can purchase? The most common types are:


These are simply large circles that press against your ear. When you wear them, they rest on the outer ear-they don't enter the ear canal. This feature allows them to leak sound from the external environment to get into the ear.

The earphones are loved by many people as they are compact and easy to carry around. While they are great, their main flaw is that they allow noise to enter your ear thus you don't receive good quality music that you deserve. They also tend to hurt the ear especially when you wear them for a long time.

In-ear earphones

Some people argue that these units are similar to the earbuds, but this isn't the case. These pieces get inside your ear canal thus blocking noises from the outside. In addition to this, they are comfortable as they are often made from soft materials. The pieces are also light…


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