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Mobile phones and WiFi radiation health risks

There have been many skeptics since the very initial introduction of wireless service about what the constant exposure to radiation can do to human health and the nature surrounding it.

While the world is bracing for the launch of 5G services the question of the health risks looms large.

The result of the extensive study that was conducted by the National Institutes of Health, US was inconclusive. The 10 year study was conducted using 2G and 3G wireless radiation exposure on animals for 9 hours each day. While it did show the increased risk of mutation leading to the growth of tumors or tissue and DNA damage in a group of rodents, another group did not show any evident health issues related to the exposure.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer has cited exposure to radiation as a potent carcinogen for humans. It means that long term exposure to radiations could result in extensive damage.

But here is something to think about. The studies were conducted on animals that were expo…

4 Mind-Blowing Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are professional resources who readily take over the tasks that you wish to delegate to them and do them in their entirety while being located remotely. The best part about VAs is that you need not manage them the way you handle your in-office employees.

You might be wondering that how it will benefit you and what you will get from it. The 4 benefits listed below will give you a good idea:


When an organization hires a full-time employee, expenses can increase drastically depending on the size of the team and the benefits that will be provided to them. However, when you partner with a VA, you wouldn't have to worry about equipment costs, employee taxes or any other employee-related expenses.

In the current economic state, if you want to create more time for productivity and grow your business, then partnering with a virtual assistant is the best solution. Forget about paying for tea breaks, toilet breaks and whatever other breaks you can think of. You…

GHS SDS Changes Employee Training, Awareness and Safety

It has happened many times and it will keep on happening. A spill occurs and employees, not knowing the hazard level of the spilled chemical, start searching for safety data sheets or just follow the usual procedure of mopping up the hazardous substance causing more harm in the process. Printed documents are difficult to locate and, if they do not contain the right information, then situations like this can cause damage to property and harm health of people.

The importance of Globally Harmonized System SDS to employee safety at workplaces cannot be understated. The new OSHA GHS SDS places prime importance on employee training that will lead to greater awareness and safety. In most cases existing MSDS can be updated to the new SDS with only a few minor modifications whereas in others an entirely new one may need to be prepared if the chemical has been reclassified. In any case, one of the requirements of compliance with OSHA's new guidelines is that employees must receive adequate…

GHS Safety Data Sheets Help in Compliance and Employee Safety at Workplaces

Over 65 countries have adopted the UN Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals. There were disparities in the way various countries classified chemicals and specified safety procedures. The UN GHS aims to standardize the method as a way to enhance safety for everyone in the chain besides reducing the impact on the environment.

The US adopted GHS in 2012 and OSHA introduced modifications in the form of HazCom 2012. The changes involve updating existing MSDS to GHS safety data sheets and new labels according to UN GHS norms. The new safety data sheet is comprised of 16 sections arranged in a logical fashion. The new labels also carry text and pictograms that are unambiguous and give information at a glance. One of the main benefits of a standardized safety data sheet is that it is the same all over the world. Employees, whether they are based in the US, Europe or China, benefit by having a uniform SDS that they are familiar with and one in which they do n…

Job Posting Is Like Advertising A Product

It is really an amazing exercise to focus on your own job ads and compare them with others. You must analyse that how other companies are saying the same thing and does it seems impressive. For a while just think from job seekers point of view, he is finding same stuff in all job ads so how he will decide that he must choose your company. Actually it can be so complicated to get right candidate when you are not making true efforts to make your job postings. Experts say that job postings are just like working on product advertisement, more you attract people more response you will be able to get from market.

Recently I went online to search for bpo jobs and I was surprised to see that all companies are posting the same details on their job description. When everything sounds similar then how can a job seeker make decision about right and wrong? Imagine if advertisement for every soap brand is same, they copy same content for videos and audio then how users will get attracted, everythin…

Global Ethics on Human Embryo Research

Today, medical research has shown the potential to prolong and improve people's lives. This has proved to be valuable for childless couples to become parents. However many of the embryos that are created are sometimes not used to establish a pregnancy. The ethical aspect of such research can therefore be questionable. Ethics of any nation for that matter as to what their researchers do depends very much on the area of research undertaken. Renssealaer Potter first promulgated these ethics in 1970 in order to do research in the preservation of biosphere.

The human embryo research ethics should strike a fair balance between the human embryo research regulation and the strong protection of human rights more specifically the right to health. However, a question may arise for instance, in case a particular person's fundamental right such as the right to the enjoyment of health could require research on embryos, would this fundamental right prevail over any ban on this kind of resear…

How to Measure Productivity by Proxy

Every organisation wants a productive workforce. But measuring productivity, which is critical to improving it, is a struggle. It's hard to make it tangible. In his book Smart Work, productivity expert Dermot Crowley gives us a clue about a way to measure productivity using a very practical proxy.

Productivity is a weasel word. That means it has different meanings to different people in different contexts and different places. You can't measure something until you decide its one meaning.

And you can't measure something until you can describe it in observable language. To describe productivity in observable language would be to list the bazillion things that everyone does in an organisation, and describe what it looks like when each of those things are done productively.

Measuring all those things, to quantify productivity, is too overwhelming. It means collecting data on just about everything people do. The effort feels too high, compared to the benefit of measuring producti…

Get the Best Quality and Customised LED Screen on Hire

For all the organisations across the globe, advertising is one of the most crucial things that cannot be ignored. Advertising is indispensable for the effective promotion of the product and services that an organisation offer to its customers. The marketers always look for new and inventive ways for advertising. Today with the progression in the technology there are more advanced and effective ways for advertising are accessible.

The marketers today utilise of the huge digital LED screens for advertising purpose. The huge high-resolution Digital screens to display the advertising message and help to connect and grab the attention of the maximum number of people. The LED Screen are the best choice for both indoor and outdoor advertising. They are the best choice for advertising in the trade shows, exhibitions, sports events, live concerts, etc. In the present times, the usage of the Digital screen has augmented because of the quality and high-resolution images it delivers. Also, they c…

GFRP Rebar: Growth And Challenges

Fiber-reinforced polymers (FRPs) have started to gain a competitive edge over traditional reinforcing materials such as steel. Glass fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP), a variation of FRP, is gradually replacing epoxy and stainless steel. It is widely acknowledged as an effective construction solution for marine projects where corrosion-resistance and strength are of paramount significance.

Global growth

Rapid infrastructure development, the rise in construction spending, and struggle to develop corrosion-resistant construction materials are the main reasons why GFRP market is expanding worldwide. More than 25% of the construction failures are associated with corrosion and abrasion. Billions of dollars are spent annually to maintain and repair corroded structures.

Following the dire need for a permanent corrosion solution, fiberglass reinforcement has emerged as the most cost-effective construction material for building durable projects. In addition, GFRP rebar is considered as an ideal ma…

How Lipstick Boxes Can Boost Your Business Within Weeks

How Cosmetics Serve You?

Foundations, colors, eye shade, eye liners, blushes, and most importantly lipsticks etc. are the must-haves for women as they are their embellishments. Getting your lips colored with attractive colors is a very important factor of your outlook as lips attract the attention of every onlooker so it won't be wrong to say that they play a defining role in your personality. Lips without the lipsticks are explained very well by example that it is like a cake without frosting. There is always a sense of incompletion without appropriate lipstick. It is also said by makeup artists that lipsticks hide your anger or other feelings and make you look brighter and happier by making your smile stronger and attractive. They play a vital role in giving you a much fresher look.

Cosmetics are very crucial for women and most importantly for working women. Women who are engaged in professions need to look appealing and confident which is very helpful for them in their career. I…

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is used to promote or advertise products and services using billboards, storefront signs, banners, wraps, decals, and other forms of signage. Vehicle wraps is a good example of how outdoor advertising works. It is a very effective and inexpensive tool for small companies who are looking to advertise their business in a specific area and within a limited budget. Without signs, it would be hard for customers to find a business or get information regarding products and services.

Outdoor signs are probably the first thing customers see and established an impression about the nature of a business. To leave a good impression on your visitors, you have to display your products, services, pricing etc. in a very attractive and creative way. Information should be displayed in a very simple and conspicuous way so that customers can quickly understand what your business is all about.

It is absolutely imperative for a business, whether small or large, to install signs as a sou…

Be Unreasonable To Grow Your Business

How unreasonable are you?

Odd question, isn't it? I for one try to be reasonable most of the time, though my loved ones may not agree! Still, it's a worthy goal, right?

That reasonable approach doesn't always work. Sometimes, it pays to be unreasonable. On purpose.

Why? Being unreasonable in your goal setting can bring you to a whole new level in your business.

Don't just set a goal - set a 10x mega-goal.

Is this your reaction: Wha? I've got enough to do to reach the modest goals I've set.

If it is, that's the whole point. Setting modest goals may be holding you back. Big time.

Setting a mega-goal can launch you forward, waving merrily at those modest goals as you whiz by.

Here's how it works.

What would you do differently if your goal was to increase revenue 10x instead of 10%?

That's the point of 10x goals - to push the edge of ordinary, and to nudge you into thinking differently about your business.

It's true, setting nothing but 10x goals will drive y…

Job Hunting Tips For People Looking For Career Opportunities

For many people, landing a job that will help them build a career for the future is such a challenge. With so many competitions going on today, the increasing number of job openings is no longer an assurance that you will get hired for your dream job. Hence, you have to find other ways to level up your job hunting.

You can focus on other activities that may actually lead you closer to your dream job, increase your employment opportunities and make you a stronger candidate for ideal job positions. So if you're looking for jobs and you want to be a prime candidate for the jobs you have your eyes on, make your free time count by making smart use of it. Experts share a few job hunting tips for people who are looking for career opportunities below:

- Attend professional enrichment seminars and programs. Attend a seminar or lecture that can increase your knowledge or develop your potential. For example, if you're looking for a job in the fashion industry, it can be useful to take mak…

An Insight To The Self Tapping Screws

Small things have big importance in our life and nothing can befitted in the instance than the industrial fasteners. They are the basic necessities of all the applications and no industry can survive without them. From holding two pieces at a place to provide infrastructure to the aircraft, everything needs the small human creatures to fasten two things together at one place. Among the huge variety of industrial screws, the self tapping screws are the most used fastener with the nifty applications and wide uses.

The type of the screws has the ability to drill their own little tunnels as they have the sharp precise threads on their body to the end. They can be screwed down into the wood or any other metal as well as non metal for a stronger grip. They are easy to assemble and dissemble for which they are used widely for the products that need a regular maintenance. These are super easy to use and you can even fix them with the hand held or electric screwdrivers.

For the betterment and b…

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Corrugated Plastic, Paperboard: What Custom Box Material to Go For

Custom boxes are made from different materials. Each element determines the strength of the box and its use. Depending on the depth of one's pocket and the purpose of acquiring a certain container, one can specify what material they want their boxes to be made of. However, it would be wise to do a quick research before getting on the phone (or laptop) to order a custom container.

Custom Box Materials
Corrugated Plastic: Also known as Corriboard, corrugated plastic is a wide-range of plastic-plastic-sheet products made from high-impact polypropylene resin. Lightweight but tough, this material is mainly used for making signs and containers (read: boxes). Boxes made of corrugated plastic come in different sizes are reusable, and carry heavier weights than paperboard boxes. Corrugated plastic has many trade names, including Coroplast, Correct, and Twinplast, and it also comes in many colors.

Corrugated Fiberboard: This is the brown material most boxes are made of. Corrugated fiberboard…

How to Use a Wallboard As a Motivational and Productivity Tool?

By Nashaat A Quadri Wallboard is actually an advanced version of an office white-board that was traditionally used to communicate key business metrics.

The real-time data displayed by the electronic wallboards actually help the employees to prioritize their tasks and decide their action steps.The benefits of using wall boards 
These are mostly used to communicate information in real-time so that everybody is on the same page and business is conducted according to the plan.The biggest advantage of using electronic boards is that you can communicate with the teams in real-time. It helps you make an organization agile and swift, which can be your biggest asset in the long run.How to smartly use the wall boards? 
When we talk about the selection of data to be displayed on boards, it becomes important to display the information that is relevant and useful for the organization.Therefore, the interface should be clutter-free and easy to understand. The most effective electronic display are th…

5 Ways To Boost Conversions With Dynamic Content

Boost Conversion Through Dynamic Content Using 5 Major Ways

Your chosen dynamic content has already worked a long way to gain ultimate satisfaction to your website. You have already increased the current conversion rate of your firm. But is that all? Well, not exactly. As technologies and Google algorithms keep on changing on a flexible count, therefore; you have to shift your services too, to make the content promising. And for that, expert advice and guidance are all that you need.

Learn more about dynamic content:

Before proceeding further and learn more about ways to boost conversion with dynamic content, it is mandatory to get a basic idea on what dynamic content is. The main function of this content is to increase the conversions by going through exquisite client experience. This content makes the experience more intuitive and applicable. Furthermore, multiple technologies are implemented in the same by reducing the current amount of redundant and unwanted information. It further h…

How Does The Flu Shot Work?

Medical experts recommend that everybody should get a flu shot before the peak flu season begins, which is from December to March. However, many people simply prefer not to take it because of the mistaken notion that taking the vaccine will actually give them the flu. There is a reason why people believe this.
It is a known fact that vaccines actually contain the virus that they are made to kill. This means, in the case of the flu vaccine, it actually contains the flu virus. This naturally triggers the question - won't it then cause the symptoms in the person who gets the shot?

To understand how this works, take a look at how vaccines work.

How flu shots work

The influenza virus is first deactivated and then used to prepare the vaccine. About ten to fourteen days after you've received the flu shot, the deactivated viruses help to develop antibodies in your body. These new antibodies are strong and robust enough to prevent any new influenza viruses from invading th…

Mobile phones and WiFi radiation health risks

There have been many skeptics since the very initial introduction of wireless service about what the constant exposure to radiation can do to human health and the nature surrounding it.

While the world is bracing for the launch of 5G services the question of the health risks looms large.

The result of the extensive study that was conducted by the National Institutes of Health, US was inconclusive. The 10 year study was conducted using 2G and 3G wireless radiation exposure on animals for 9 hours each day. While it did show the increased risk of mutation leading to the growth of tumors or tissue and DNA damage in a group of rodents, another group did not show any evident health issues related to the exposure.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer has cited exposure to radiation as a potent carcinogen for humans. It means that long term exposure to radiations could result in extensive damage.

But here is something to think about. The studies were conducted on animals that were expo…

Everything You Need to Know About Data Analytics Certification Training

By Shalini Madhav Definition: The Data Analytics certification is basically a certification of knowledge of general analytics, which is the understanding of how to break down a process into components from start to finish. It is also used to certify the understanding of the process used by analysts to frame a business problem analytically, allow identification of necessary data and determine the methodology for this acquisition.Now, before proceeding further, it is necessary to further investigate the term "data analytics". What does the term data analytics mean? What is its application? Why do we need it? What are the benefits? Why do we use such terminology to describe a set of data collected? Why is it so necessary?Data analytics:Terminology: It is defined as the process which is used to examine certain sets of data so that outcomes can be predicted from the information the data provides us. This is accomplished with the help of certain tools which include specialized sy…

Contribution of Avvaiyar, the Grand Old Poetess to Tamil and an Alphabetical Garland to Children

Contribution of Avvaiyar, the Grand Old Poetess to Tamil and an Alphabetical Garland to ChildrenBy Sathyanarayanan BhimaraoIt is a common belief that there were several Avvaiyars belonging to several periods contributing to Tamil literature. But essentially two Avvaiyars are well known.Avvaiyar I: Belonged to Sangam period (1st to 3rd century A.D) who lived at the time of the famous kings Pari and Athikaman.King Pari was a noted philanthropist ranked among seven such charitable kings.Athikaman, was the Tirukovilur king. The story goes that he gave a nectar like Amla fruit which he got, to the poetess so that she should live for ever. She contributed for the recognition of Tirukkural by poets of SANGAM (Association of learned poets) of Madurai.Avvaiyar II: In 13th century there were two great Tamil poets Kambar who wrote Ramayana in Tamil and Ottakkuthar. Avvaiyar was a contemporary to them. Her contributions were various poems in the form of sermons to children.
ContemporaryTamil scho…

Secure A Publisher Who Can Get Results

Writing materials to teach others or to entertain them is an exciting world of exploration. Yet you can't do it all on your own. In addition to coming up with the concepts and getting it down on paper, you need help bringing the elements together. It may surprise to learn all that goes on behind the scenes before a book is ready for the public.

You need one of the best Welsh publishers to help you get it done. The last thing you want is your book not to be worthy to the readers. What a wonderful feeling it is when your book gets rave reviews from consumers and from the critics. In order for that to happen, all the pieces of the puzzle have to fall into place.

What to look for
Welsh publishers are plentiful, but you have to be selective. You need someone with a proven record of getting results. Talk to them and find out about whom they have worked with and books they have helped to publish. Find out how long they have been in the business and the biggest challenges they face. Ask them…

How Can Mobile Payments Ramp Up Your Sales And ROI?

The Smart phones, the eCommerce, the M-commerce and the growing consumer demand for comfort, is now even bigger than every passing day! When the long involved story of walk-ins has converted into log-ins can't be factored out.

If introspected, there are two ways to deal with this binge indulgence: nestle down and dream of the olden days or just move forward by adopting the golden changes.

At this core, if you are scouting for a rich customer base to get a competitive advantage in your marketplace then Mobile payment Solutions come to rescue.

See what prospective possibilities come with mobile payments:

• Enhanced Customer Experience

Mobile payment ensures a splendid user experience while checking out and making the final payment. Customers like quick service, especially when it comes to checking out. Payments with mobile devices, Credit cards, and Debit Cards have made even easier and quicker to pay. This time-saving effort can directly increase profits by allowing you to handle mult…

Manage Booking Number For Cheap Cathay Pacific Flights

Cathay Pacific is a well-known airline of Hong Kong and its headquarters is located in Cathay city, Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong. The size of fleet for Cathay Pacific is 150. There are 77 destinations in the word to which flights are operated by the Cathay Pacific airlines.

If a passenger has booked a ticket with the airlines, then they can avail the various services offered by them to their passengers. The services could either be in-flight or on the airport. A passenger can add some additional services of their choice. The services that they need during the flight can be added using the Manage booking section on the website. In case of Cathay Pacific manage booking not working; the passenger may have to face issues. Some of the common issues in this situation are:

The passenger would not be able to make the changes in the itinerary that was booked.

Neither the changes would be possible nor is the cancellation, in the case Manage booking not working.

A passenger would not be able to add the s…