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Mobile phones and WiFi radiation health risks

There have been many skeptics since the very initial introduction of wireless service about what the constant exposure to radiation can do to human health and the nature surrounding it.

While the world is bracing for the launch of 5G services the question of the health risks looms large.

The result of the extensive study that was conducted by the National Institutes of Health, US was inconclusive. The 10 year study was conducted using 2G and 3G wireless radiation exposure on animals for 9 hours each day. While it did show the increased risk of mutation leading to the growth of tumors or tissue and DNA damage in a group of rodents, another group did not show any evident health issues related to the exposure.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer has cited exposure to radiation as a potent carcinogen for humans. It means that long term exposure to radiations could result in extensive damage.

But here is something to think about. The studies were conducted on animals that were expo…

Are You Working an Outdated Vision?

I've stated for years that I don't do five-year business plans, not detailed ones, anyway. When I started my business back in 2002, I wrote a business plan that projected five years out, but not with specifics about exactly what I'd be doing to reach those revenue goals, other than just work x number of hours at x hourly rate.

Things have changed a bit for me.

Actually, that's the point, Back in 2002, all I could see five years ahead was that I would be doing the same thing as what I started out doing, just with more clients and regularly raising my fees.

Well, that didn't take into account my practice taking off, becoming Chief Operating Officer of a virtual training company, and launching a second company.

All that happened within three years after I started my business.

Since then, it seems as if every 6-12 months, some opportunity or opportunity-in-disguise (that's what I call a challenge) comes my way out of the blue. Suddenly, the entire landscape ahead of me…

How To Improve Your Import Finance Tactics

All businesses rely on their cash funds to operate. Although most businesses typically depend on a steady cash flow to sustain their venture, unfortunately, importing companies usually do not enjoy such liberties. This is mainly because import companies have long cash flow cycles.

Businesses in the import industry will therefore need to have and use the right financing strategies in place so that their venture won't go under. In addition, owners of import businesses shouldn't be complacent with the financing strategies they have; they should find ways to improve them.

Below are some tips for businesses on improving their finance strategies:

Be mindful and keep track of all relevant rules and regulations of import. To effectively import finance strategies, owners of importing businesses need to be aware of the regulations and rules set by the different countries for import. Being knowledgeable of all applicable rules and regulations of import finance strategies is important to kee…

Things To Know About Wow Structures

When organizing an event, it is important for individuals to invest in event equipment. These event items are imperative to make events more appealing and better. Plus, some items can also help make events safer and more secured. So, if you are looking for an item that can make events better and appealing at the same time, it is best to invest in wow structures.

What are wow structures?
Wow marquees or structures are identified with its own unique style and design, smooth round shapes and a robust tubular structure. These corporate event tents have the ability to take up to 400kg of suspended weight directly from the in-built rigging points enabling truss, screens, lights, signage or anything else you may desire resulting in a unique, spacious structure with all floor space available for use.

Benefits of using wow structures
Surely, there are other types of tents individuals can choose from. However, when making use of wow structures, individuals can obtain the following benefits.

First an…

Importance of Perseverance In Advertising And Marketing

Have you ever spent time trying to market and advertise only to not see results? You probably feel like giving up or trying a different approach to business success. Before you decide to quit altogether, it's important to understand why perseverance will serve you well in your business efforts. This article will highlight a few reasons why you should continue in your efforts no matter how tough things get.

#1: You May Not Realize It, But You Are Getting Results
You must always realize as long as one new person is viewing or paying attention to your advertisement or marketing efforts, you are making some kind of progress. Everyone has different expectations as to what progress is. Some want a high volume of sales over a quick period of time and others would like to see it over a longer period of time. But it's important to step back and keep things in perspective. Remember that any step, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction. As wonderful as it is to see significa…

Top Four Enemies Of Stainless Steel Cable Trays Which Cause Corrosion

The cable trays are available in different sizes and various types of material. There are numerous users of the cable trays in the market which prefer material that is easy to clean, maintain, and handle. Iron is very susceptible to corrosion and turns yellow/orange when rust starts to form on it. To protect the product from corrosion, the cable tray manufacturers used various other types of materials which are less subtle to corrosion. The other materials also need little care to go longer with you. To maintain the great strength of the product, you need to keep it away from these things.

Top Four Enemies of Stainless Steel Cable Trays Which Cause Corrosion:-

Chloride - The cable trays installed indoors and outdoors are often cleaned with the help of cleaners. The harsh chemical cleaners mostly made with the chlorines/chlorides which harm the stainless steel to the extreme. Chlorine is mostly used in the swimming pools to keep the water clean and safe from contaminations. It breaks dow…

Various Functions Of The PTFE Reedy Cut Gasket To Leak Proof Flange Joints

The gaskets are made with various types of materials which are installed in chemical, oil, acids, and marine industries to prevent leakage. The main function of the products is to seal the liquid or gas inside the flange joints, pipelines, valves, etc. It is one of the basic elements for the piping systems of the process plant to act as a seal between the two surfaces of the flange joints. It is available in the market in various shapes, sizes, patterns and materials. It can be classified into various categories of metallic, semi-metallic and non-metallic gaskets which are installed as per the requirement of the industries.

The gaskets are widely used in the various types of industries which deal with the hazardous chemicals. It is clamped into two separable mechanical joints to create a static seal between the surfaces of the joints. It is a material or combination of various materials which are used to perform different functions.

Different Functions Of The PTFE Reedy Cut Gasket To Ke…

Replacing a Project Manager Mid-Flight

One of my column readers recently sent in this question: One of our senior project managers left abruptly in the middle of a 3 year million $ contract. What experience and education would you consider in promoting a replacement?

Ooh, good meaty problem. Not so simple a solution.
There's simply never a good time for a PM to leave a project, particularly when the flight takes everyone by surprise. Management scrambles to find a replacement, the project team may be in a state of shock because their leader is now flying the coop, and the potential successor needs to double-time-it to figure out how to take the reins quickly. The key here is to minimize the impact of flight such that the project is not significantly impacted. There are two facets that I think are important to minimizing the impact: preparedness in case of flight and deliberate action if a flight occurs. Following are a series of considerations for each.

First facet, preparedness in case of flight:

Have a project succession…

The Modern Leader - Adapting to Shifts in the Business Landscape

The Modern Leader
Successful leaders hold behaviors, qualities, skills and competencies enabling them to navigate the challenges and evolving demands of the organizational landscape. In order to equip leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to respond to changes in organizations and employee behavior, this document presents shifts in leadership demand alongside the qualities and behaviors modern leaders should possess to successfully lead others. Additionally, this document presents a leadership style perspective leaders should consider to respond to and effectively lead in the 21st century.

Shifts in Leadership Focus
The foundation of the modern leader, and the requirements for successful leadership, are based in the shifting focus points within the organizational setting. Four of the shifting areas include shifting societal values, a shift in investor focus, shifting leader expectations to lead organizational change, and a shift in focus on employee stress. Each of these evolving …

Why Aren't Your Strategic Goals Sensible Enough to Measure (and Execute)?

Sometimes a hard-to-measure strategy can be fixed in the measurement process (like how Step 2 of my performance measurement methodology fixes the weasel word problem). But strategy can be hard to measure due to poor logic and poor structure, and this can't be fixed in the measurement process. We have to go back and rework the planning process to make the strategy sensible.

If you have a hard-to-measure goal like 'Enhance the productivity of our team', oftentimes you can solve the measurability problem by defining, in plain language, what you really mean by 'productivity'. Then it becomes more obvious how to measure it.

But many times I've come across strategic plans that prove much harder to find meaningful measures for. And if you can't measure it, rest assured you won't be able to execute it either. Then there's no point to having it: cynicism will fester and resources will be flushed down the toilet.

There are a few clues that will tell you if your …

Screen Printing Services & How to Build Your Brand With Screen Printing

Screen printing is essential for effective branding if you plan on creating brand association and promoting your business with promotional items, promotional giveaways, along with promotional and branded apparel.

Considered the industries standard for the highest quality for custom t-shirt and apparel printing, promotional items and promotional products, and decal printing.

Many people who are interested in branding for their business are interested in screen printing services, but are unaware that what they are looking for, is in fact, called screen printing services.

Have you ever seen an item, such as pens, sunglasses, frisbee's, or bottle opener's with a company name and logo on it? Chances are, those logo's were printed on those items via screen printing.

If you want to build your brand, promotional items and promotional giveaways are always a great way to go, and screen printing is how you would have those items branded. What's so great about promotional giveaways ar…

Hiring Essentials: Interviewing For Soft Skills

Most managers know technical knowledge and experience are important to job performance, but they are not enough. People who know the right thing to do in difficult situations or have innovative ideas will not be successful if they can't communicate clearly, effectively resolve differences or inspire and motivate others to go the extra mile to accomplish a difficult task. Without these "soft skills," it's unlikely even the smartest and most experienced person will get much done.

The problem is that soft skills are difficult to identify on a resume or in an interview. A Wall Street Journal article described the effort many organizations are making in pursuit of the ideal employee. Unfortunately, hiring consultants and extensive testing can be time consuming and expensive. In addition, although these approaches can add value, they should not be seen as a substitute for the hiring manger and what he or she can learned in an effective interview.

Two simple, practical steps …

Summit Slush Machines Can Attract More Customers

The holidays are a wonderful time for both young and old. It is festive and warm so we all can enjoy a relaxing break from the regular hustle and bustle of work. This time of the year brings about customers that seek chilled and icy drinks to cool them down, and a delicious icy slush puppy hits the sweet spot.

Cinemas, restaurants and cafes will benefit greatly with a Summit Slush Machine when it comes to getting more customers. While watching a movie at a cinema a box of popcorn and a slush puppy are a great combination, or a slush puppy can be enjoyed after a meal at a restaurant or while chilling at a caf�.

The Summit Slush Machines have an ultramodern design coupled with high performance. The bowls or tanks are designed in a clear plastic so that you can view the colourful contents. It also allows you to see how the slush is moving within the bowl. This movement combined with the bright colour of the bowl's contents draws the customer in. It makes their mouths water and tempts t…

Why Say "Yes" To Promotional Gifts?

Promotion is a must for giving wings to your marketing strategy. Promotional Gift is a cost-effective marketing strategy that is widely used in the corporate world. But before investing there are many questions you have in your mind - right? Don't worry; here is the answer to all. So, what we are waiting for? Scroll down and let's just get started.

What Are Promotional Gifts?
In simple words, Promotional Gifts are any sort of gift item that is imprinted with the company's logo, name or message designed. These are incredibly powerful and helpful in improving the brand awareness among more and more people. It is highly appreciated by the marketers because they allow a brand to connect directly with the consumer to bind them in a professional relationship. It gives a more memorable brand experience and helps to target a wider audience in an effective manner.

Does Promotional Gifts Still Work?
If you also have the same doubt in your mind, so, clear it up now. Because stay on the …

What Is a Rectifier Transformer?

In the ace world of technologies we all are looking for some reliable device with can complete our demand of power supply and give us tremendous results in the production lines. To bridge the wide gap between the demand of the electricity and supply of the same, the Transformer Manufacturers In India are manufacturing a huge range of transformers to meet the voltage supply demand of various industries.

There are a large number of industries which require specific industrial application device due to the great usage of power as its main resource for production. The transformers are used in the various types of industries which help to distribute the supply of energy evenly throughout the various types of heavy motored devices. Among the various types of the transformers, Rectifier Transformer is one of the basic transformers which are slightly different from the normal power and distribution versions. They are special transformers which are made especially for the industrial application…

BI, KPIs and Other Abbreviations to Help You Run Your Business

Many a company manager is drowned in abbreviations but here are a few that will help you build your business success.

BI - or Business Intelligence - is a powerful software package that sits on the top of your databases and mines them - or burrows down into them, to find the business information that you really need to run your business. To ensure that you get just the information that you want to make key decisions you set up a number of KPIs or Key Performance Indicators that you will use to regularly use to monitor the health and strength of you business. These KPIs are easily set up using the dashboard that most BI software packages come with.

This group of data is then found in your databases and displayed onto your screen, usually in graphically and/or graph format for ease of use. You can then interrogate this data in order to make more informed business decisions.

One more abbreviation - on line analytical processing (OLAP) is the process that enables the manager to investigate a…

Why on Earth Do I Need a BI System When I Know What Is Going on in My Company?

You business has been growing over the last few years and you have to admit that you have expanded your IT systems and processes to keep pace. Your staff give you monthly management and business information, surely that is enough?

OK so sometimes the information is not what you want and sometimes it is a little bit out of date - but that is always the case surely? You know that your competitors are also chasing the same customers that you are and some of them are more successful than you are. What can you do though?

Well, yes business is fast now-a-days, especially with social media, review sites and the need to have tip top service. You have a stack of data coming at you from your website, service department, banks, processing, suppliers etc. Getting up to date information from all of these areas is going to be a nightmare, which frankly I don't have time for. That is not to mention the expense that a new software system will pose. That is even before you get to maintenance costs a…

Becoming a Furniture Mover

There are is a few criteria that you must meet before you can become a furniture mover. These criteria will allow you to perform the job. Usually there are no specific educational requirements but you must be able to read and write. You must be strong and physically fit and need a driver's license that is valid. A furniture mover may work for a store that delivers furniture or for a moving company. When applying for a job many companies will require that you pass a physical exam in order to become a furniture mover. Working as a furniture mover you will be lifting heavy items and carrying large items of furniture through cramped spaces and up and down stairs.

In addition to the criteria, there are certain attributes you will need.

• Good communication skills so you can deal with customers effectively along with other employees
• Be courteous to customers as they can be demanding at time
• Be trustworthy so you will be allowed into customer's home and if working with a moving compa…

8 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Technical Writer

We are in a time of increasing competition and the ever increasing need for good quality technical documentation both to support your business and market its credentials to other companies. Many more businesses are seeking to outsource their technical writing requirements. How do you find just the right person for the project? Here are eight things to consider first.

1) Experience: This is not the time to trust this very important assignment to someone new to the job. Ideally for technical writing you need both writing experience AND the required technical experience. For very in-depth articles and write papers there is only so far a quick Google search will go to providing you with a quality and insightful article. Technical document writing such as business proposals, tenders, business plans, Statements of Work, Case Studies etc. have a great deal riding on them, including the expansion of your company. They really need a writer who has written many of them before. On this note, alwa…

Networking for Startups

Networking is an essential tool for startups. Sometimes overlooked or undervalued, it can create opportunities to fuel your business innovation or product. A word of caution, make sure that your networking is up to par. This involves establishing a plan, having goals, aligning with the right individuals and being consistent in your endeavors.

Listed below are a few helpful tips for mastering this incredibly effective art.

Build Your Social Capital
Time and time again, you have heard the common saying that people do business with those they know, like and trust. Well, much has not changed in that aspect. Utilize your networking to gain trust and credibility with potential customers, partners, investors etc. Focus on building quality relationships to develop understanding and gaining opportunities.

Build Your Communication Skills
This is such a critical piece in networking for success. It is so important to be clear, concise and marketable. Whether it involves making a pitch or presentation,…

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Make Bid Bonds Great Again

You used to love them. They were so easy. Now they are in dollar amounts and percentages, sometimes with a limited maximum value. They can be electronic or digital. Sometimes a letter is required instead. Sometimes nothing is required instead! There may be a single or annual charge for it or maybe it is free! It's outta control...

So here is your chance to catch up with everybody's favorite: The fun and fascinating world of Bid Bonds.

The Basics

These instruments accompany a contractor's proposal during the acquisition process for a new project. This is routine on public work, such as federal state and local municipal contracts. The procedure may also be used on private projects at the contract owner's discretion.

The bond guarantees that, if awarded, the bidder will sign the contract, furnish the required Performance and Payment Bond, and commence with the work - or - pay the difference between their bid and the next higher bidder (subject to the maximum dollar value of …

How services of alcohol evaluation in Ocala, Florida can help you?

In the United States of America, the citizens are very much aware of the fact that addiction to alcohol or drugs is very much harmful and can negatively affect the health of people. This awareness has led to taking measures. Services pertaining to alcohol evaluations in Ocala, Florida has helped to check the symptoms and take necessary measures.

"Alcohol is the anaesthesia by which we endure the operation of life," says George Bernard Shaw. Liquor definitely has the power to reign our lives. It has emerged to be an extremely significant or consequential problem. As per the report published by research and survey conducted on the impact of liquor on human life provides data that says around 88,000 deaths can be witnessed each year in the United States of America. And in Ocala, Florida we can observe around twenty to twenty-five thousand death toll. And the number is genuinely alarming and the problem requires unalloyed concern and necessary steps to curb down the issue.

As per …

Take Your Career To A New Level With The Help Of Artificial Intelligence Online Training!

The main objective of artificial intelligence online training is to help participants keep pace with the latest technologies and stay relevant. For professionals looking to build their career in this lucrative domain, AI certification is the best way to demonstrate their skills and knowledge of this emerging technology. Going through the AI certifications training enables individuals to acquire some of the must-have skills in AI, such as programming language (R/Python), statistics, distributed computing, neural networks, etc.

Artificial Intelligence is a way of making it possible for machines to learn from experience without any human intervention, for examples, chess-playing computers, and self-driving cars. Over the last few years, it has played a prime role in assisting the Fourth Industrial Revolution by transforming every industry in every country. AI systems are powered by technologies such as machine learning and deep learning. These systems are essential for businesses to gain …

Safety of Fertility Drugs

By Sunita Verma Safety of fertility drugs - Is it a cause of concern?For millions of women struggling to conceive, fertility drugs are the first stepin treatment. Clomiphene works by stimulating the hormones in brain that trigger an egg (or several) to develop and be released from ovaries. Gonadotropins stimulate ovaries directly to produce eggs. Women typically produce only one or two eggs a month. Human menopausal gonadotropin (hMG), urofollitropin, or recombinant FSH prompts the ovaries to produce several eggs. One of these drugs is injected into the muscle or under the skin. What are the risks of gonadotropin treatment?• Conceiving multiples is the most common complication of gonadotropin treatment. Of these pregnancies, two-thirds are twins and one-third are triplets. • Though many couples consider this a blessing, carrying multiples increases risk of miscarriage and other complications. • During stimulation for natural conception or IUI if three or more follicles are growing to…

Manage Booking Number For Cheap Cathay Pacific Flights

Cathay Pacific is a well-known airline of Hong Kong and its headquarters is located in Cathay city, Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong. The size of fleet for Cathay Pacific is 150. There are 77 destinations in the word to which flights are operated by the Cathay Pacific airlines.

If a passenger has booked a ticket with the airlines, then they can avail the various services offered by them to their passengers. The services could either be in-flight or on the airport. A passenger can add some additional services of their choice. The services that they need during the flight can be added using the Manage booking section on the website. In case of Cathay Pacific manage booking not working; the passenger may have to face issues. Some of the common issues in this situation are:

The passenger would not be able to make the changes in the itinerary that was booked.

Neither the changes would be possible nor is the cancellation, in the case Manage booking not working.

A passenger would not be able to add the s…

Latest Metrics for Small Business Owners to Measure Their SEO Success

By Triveni Thakur Let's face it - SEO is not easy for any business. It becomes even more complicated when you've limited money, time and resources. According to the latest Cluth Survey "More than 36% of small businesses have already an SEO strategy and rest 23% are planning to develop one."

In order to maintain and develop a long-term SEO strategy, it is important for small business owners to understand the best way to measure their SEO success. As a small business owner if you are looking for ways if your SEO strategy is working, then here are the three SEO success metrics that can be helpful.Traffic Retention

Backlink quality

Conversion rate

Let's have a look below how these three metrics can help you measuring SEO success.Traffic Retention for measuring quality search audiences

Every business wants to draw the attention of quality traffic to their website. Here Google Analytics play a crucial role. It is one of the effective measures to know what type of audience…

The Importance of Logo Design

By Bram Prins When you have a brand, you often want to portray a certain image, or communicate a certain ideal even. Every brand has its own look, its own feel, and its own image. Even if brands have similar value propositions, the image that people have can be completely different.

The influence of the logoWhen you consider that, your logo really plays an important role. Your logo might have little to do with peoples true evaluation of the actual things that your brand offers, and the experience that people have with your brand. But, it does have a great impact on peoples first impressions. This influence is easily overlooked. That's because the influence of visual design plays at a deeper level, it's something that people unconsciously immediately process when they see your brand, and that way it has a great influence on your first impression.With your logo you can almost immediately show your audience what type of brand you are. Luxury brands use certain letter types for this…

5 Things to Expect from a HRMS Recruitment Module

What is the role of the HRMS recruitment module in the modern recruitment process? What are the key features to expect when investing in a software for hiring candidates? This article finds the answers.

Recruitment is a key process in the success of an organization, because good employees can be a great asset to any organization. However, the process of recruitment, in itself, can be quite complex, with so many candidates applying for a single profile. Human resource professionals can have a really tough time screening all those resumes and shortlisting the right candidates for the job. A good HRMS software like Digital HRMSBambooHR and Beehive HR make it all a lot easier, with an array of useful features offered by their recruitment gateway. Given below are 5 key features to expect when investing in the new age HRMS recruitment software.

1] Customization

Customization is one of the biggest features offered by HRMS recruitment gateways today. Every organization out there is different i…

Exploring the Different Types of HR Software

What are the different types of human resource software out there and how are they different from one another? This article looks into the list of functionalities offered by each one of them, along with a couple of popular names in each category.

When it comes to human resource management system software used for the automation of the different HR functions, there are quite a few terms/acronyms one may come across with – Human Resource Management System (HRMS), Human Resource Information System (HRIS), (Human Capital Management (HCM), Talent Management System (TMS), and so many more. With so many terms out there, people are bound to get baffled and forced to wander if at all there’s a difference between all these terms and if yes, how these software are different from one another.

Before taking a closer look at the points of difference between all these different terms mentioned above, it is important to note that among all these, the most commonly used terms are HRMS, HCM and HRIS. Thi…

Tourism at Bandhavgarh National Park in India

Tourism at Bandhavgarh National Park in India

By Uday Patel
In the seventies, I made my first visit to Bandhavgarh National Park in Central India. It was a small park barely visited by the tourists except by one or two photographers from overseas, and some drop ins who had heard about the destination from friends.Desolate and untended, the sparks of tourism were barely seen but nevertheless gauging the potential MPTDC had set up a property consisting of four rooms and a small bar cum dining. The place was aptly known as White Tiger Lodge, for the famous white tiger Mohun was discovered nearby by then Maharajah of Rewa.A lone rest house belonging to the forest department with office at Umaria the district head quarters was available for accommodation at preposterously cheaper rates. The food was cooked at the kitchen if you carried ration with you. The rest house was well maintained along with a dormitory nearby.There was no wildlife resort in picture and you had to rely on the FRH being…