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Mobile phones and WiFi radiation health risks

There have been many skeptics since the very initial introduction of wireless service about what the constant exposure to radiation can do to human health and the nature surrounding it.

While the world is bracing for the launch of 5G services the question of the health risks looms large.

The result of the extensive study that was conducted by the National Institutes of Health, US was inconclusive. The 10 year study was conducted using 2G and 3G wireless radiation exposure on animals for 9 hours each day. While it did show the increased risk of mutation leading to the growth of tumors or tissue and DNA damage in a group of rodents, another group did not show any evident health issues related to the exposure.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer has cited exposure to radiation as a potent carcinogen for humans. It means that long term exposure to radiations could result in extensive damage.

But here is something to think about. The studies were conducted on animals that were expo…

How to Make A Stunning Cosplay Makeup and Hairdo

By Jasmine LCosplaying is not less than any other creative expression and like many others, it demands a level of expertise and experience for proper execution. You might just be the guy who buys a costume and goes to the party just for the fun and the company of likeminded fellows but if you really want to present yourself as a character you admire, or if you want to participate for a competition you would need to go a bit more. We have compiled some tips on how you can do a better makeup to leave a lasting impression.Clean
The first thing you want to do is clean up your face before applying makeup, this will remove all the dust and oil that later disturb the makeup. A clean face is also easy to work on.Makeup for Photoshoot
If you expect a photoshoot at a convention, which would usually be the scenario, you might want to do a little extra. You also need to know the lighting conditions of the place e.g. is it outside in daylight or at night, is it indoors with colorful lights or wit…

Ayurveda Offers Three Time-Tested Whole Food Remedies To Restore Sexual Energy

By Dr. Helen Mary Thomas D.CIn a New York Times article by Marilynn Marchione entitled Sex and Seniors: A survey shows many elders remain frisky.It is reported in the article, " the most comprehensive sex survey ever done among 57- to 85-year- in the United States. Sex and interest in it do fall off when people are in their 70s, but more than a quarter of those up to age 85 reported having sex in the previous year"Not only elders can benefit from whole plant foods to restore sexual energy so do young in love and the middle age.Ayurveda teaches that restoring the body every day using fruits,vegetables, grains,legumes and natural sweeteners for the nervous system,digestive system, the immune system and reproductive system are a natural daily routine.In my favorite Ayurvedic cookbook, Ayurvedic Cooking for Self -Healing by Usha Lad & Dr. Vasant Lad which I use in my practice daily are the three recipes that I present here.Foods to increase sexual desire or some would say t…

Teduglutide to Treat Short Bowel Syndrome

By Alex DeanFor those people who have had at least half of their small intestine removed and sometimes all or part of their large intestine removed, they may get a disease called short bowel syndrome. This means that they have a series of difficulties in absorbing nutrients that are essential for survival, including enough water, vitamins, minerals, protein, fat, calories, and other nutrients from food.Although this disease quite rarely occurs, 3 out of every million people do suffer from this disease each year. And the outcome brought by it may varies from mild to moderate to severe, depending on which section of small intestine has been damaged or removed and thus having trouble with absorption.In surgeries to treat diseases like cancer, Crohn's disease, gastroschisis and intestinal atresia, patients have to have part of their small intestine removed so as to save lives. However, this is exactly the major cause of short bowel syndrome. Besides, some children are born with an ab…

Weight Loss - The Real Reason You Are Not Losing Weight

By Beverleigh H Piepers If you are like many people, you are trying hard to lose weight. Your life may, in part, revolve around what you can and cannot eat. You step on the scale every morning and feel like you are about to be handed a sentence to be happy or sad depending on what numbers come up. Sound familiar? If so, you are not alone. These are the sentiments of so many men and women. Until you uncover the real reason you are not losing weight, you will not see results. Weight loss resistance is what we will call it, and most people who are struggling have a reason. What is yours? Here is how to find out...1. Dig Deep. First, you have to dig deep and look at what is causing you to give up or fail your diet plan. Nine times out of ten, it is not the diet plan that is the problem. As long as you are using a sound method and not a quick fix diet; you should be able to see weight loss results.So ask yourself, what is holding you back? Are you afraid to be thinner and having new expec…

Practices To Consider Before You Use Live Streaming Video

By Vinay SavlaThe majority of social media marketers are now chatting about broadcast videos and their uses. Right from small-scale industries to prominent corporate organizations; everyone is trying to seize the video trend. Surveys and research have proven that people are keen to watch live videos on Facebook rather than spending time in watching a video which is not live streamed. Smartphones and tablets have added essence to the live streaming videos making them extremely popular. There are several significant market players when it comes to live videos. They are Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope and lot more. Here, I've listed down a few great practices you can consider before using broadcast videos. They are as follows:> Study the market properly- Before you start with any initiative in marketing; research for information is vital. Pick up a few simple doubts on live stream and try giving the searches on your favourite search engine. Read blogs and articles regardin…

Casino Hold 'Em: The Poker Table Game Where Players Compete Against the Casino, Not Other Players

By Dennis J Occhino Casino Hold 'em is similar to the king of all poker games, Texas Hold 'em. The main difference being players compete against the house rather than other players. It is easy to learn and play, as long as you understand poker hand rankings. Novice players need not worry about being intimidated by other players. First let's list the face value for each card and the five card poker hand rankings in sequential order:Face Value of Cards2 through 10 and Jack, Queen, King, Ace (2 is lowest, Ace is highest)Poker Hand RankingsHigh card - Five cards of different values with mixed suits and Ace being the highest.One Pair - Two of the same cards such as 2, 2.2 Pair - Two of the same cards twice, 7,7, & K, K3 of a Kind - Three of the same cards, K, K, K, (AKA Trips)Straight - Five cards in sequential order with mixed suits, 7,8,9,10, JFlush - Five cards with the same suit in any order (5 Spades, Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds.Full House - Trips and a Pair, Q, Q, Q, 8,8…

Walk the Straight Path

By Gerjo Ben Van Der Merwe People keep a close eye on the children of God. When it looks as if they're deviating just one millimeter from the straight and narrow, people start lifting the finger to point it out. That's just how people are. Sometimes Christians discuss other Christians' mistakes in detail, talking about how they couldn't fail to step into a trap.Why is it so enjoyable to talk about what other people do wrong?That is why it is important for us as Christians to be very careful how we live life. Paul definitely understood this fact and went out of his way to ensure that people couldn't point fingers at him and say: "Look what those so-called Christians are doing. They're only doing it to make money. What hypocrites."Paul really played a remarkable role in sharing the Gospel and he played an enormous role in increasing the Kingdom of God. If there was one man who really deserved the church, no matter how young, picking up his tab, it was …

Moody Blues Had Better Options To Close Out The Rock Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony

By Doug Poe Some criticism, justified to a degree, has been made about the band who closed the ceremony of the 2018 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction last Saturday night in Cleveland. Apparently the choice for the final song, although it was among the group's best known hits, did not serve as a good send off.It was appropriate that the Moody Blues be given the honor of performing last, since they were the most long established among inductees that included Bon Jovi, the Cars and Dire Straits. Perhaps not so appropriate was the classic the Moody Blues decided to perform at the end of the ceremony, the poetic but somber "Nights In White Satin."It is undoubtedly one of the group's signature songs, but they should have gone with a more upbeat selection from their impressive catalogue of hits. Rather than going out with a whimper, as the T. S. Eliot poem suggests, the Moody Blues could have gone out with a bang.Here are ten songs from their various albums that might h…

Jock Itch: Sensible Prevention Tips

By John Dugan Although scratching the crotch is perfectly acceptable when knocking back a few brews in a man cave with the guys, it's not something that wins a fellow a lot of points when giving a business presentation or when out on a date. Yet there are times when the urge to itch is so strong that there's little a guy can do but give a surreptitious little scratch and hope no one notices. This is especially true when a dude has come down with a bad case of dreaded jock itch and feels like all he wants to do is put his hands down his pants and scratch away for a couple of hours. Since jock itch is such a nuisance, it's wise to practice prevention strategies for avoiding it. The following may help.- Don't share towels with a bud. Whether at the gym or at home, it's important to use a clean towel when drying off from the shower. Jock itch is a fungus spread through direct contact - meaning it's not airborne. A man has to come into physical contact with it. Usi…

3 Simple Tests for Adequate Penis Sensation

By John Dugan There are many articles out there about penis sensation, but few of them answer the fundamental question: Just what is really good penis sensation? After all, a guy only knows what he feels - he has no idea what his best friend or neighbor feels when it comes to penis sensitivity. Given that, how can he know if he has adequate penis sensation in the first place?Of course, a man can usually tell when his penis sensation begins to decrease from what it was in the beginning. He might find that he doesn't respond as quickly to touches, takes longer to reach a climax and finds that he has to go further to get the same response from masturbation or coupling as he did before.The good news is that there are some benchmarks a man can take into account to determine whether his penis sensitivity is where it should be - as well as help him decide whether he has lost a bit of sensation along the way. This is best done with a partner, if possible. Here's how.1) Start in a sta…

Cubicle Cultures - Working From Home

By John Rowles The benefits of working from home. Company policies need to be updated for the 21st century.I've been trying for the better part of 2 years to get approved to work from home. It finally happened and I dialed in this past Saturday. It was a joyous occasion! One that I've rarely had the pleasure of experiencing. In years past it was a pain to get approvals for remote access, aka dialing in aka work from home aka convenience. Paperwork, submitting requests, endless signatures, and a final approval can take weeks especially when the request sits on the desk of a VP or higher. Each company I've worked for had basically the same policy. There's always a risk sending data over the World Wide Interweb. Data can get lost, downloaded inadvertently or even worse, someone can hack into the system and really tear things up. Security breaches happen all the time. Everyone's personal information has probably been lifted by someone on the dark web to be used for ne…

Unusual Penis Rash From Erythema

By John Dugan A rash can occur anywhere on the body. While people find rashes on the arms or face very regrettable, a guy especially is annoyed when he develops a penis rash. Sure, the rash is not seen by as many individuals (unless he's attending a nudist convention, of course), but the people likely to see it are probably those he really wants to impress. And since a penis rash can sometimes mean that there is a penis health issue present that may preclude sexual gratification, preventing or treating a penis rash is usually of keen importance. For that reason, it pays to know about many different potential causes of penis rash, including one known as erythema multiforme.Erythema multiforme Erythema multiforme is classified as a hypersensitivity disorder that presents as eruptions on the skin. These eruptions tend to be red welts, which may be purplish in the center, in some cases giving it the appearance of a "target." They may also form blisters, and ridges around th…

Sex and Pregnancy: Understanding Penis Health

By John Dugan When a man chooses to father a child, he's likely quite ready for the joys of having a little one around the house. But he might not be so keen on what those nine months of pregnancy (and many months of recovery beyond) will do to his sex life. Though most men have the good sense not to mention this worry to their blossoming partners, it's definitely something that bothers many. Since a guy knows that good penis health requires giving their member exercise on a regular basis, he might wonder how to do that appropriately - and not hurt their partner or put the pregnancy at risk in the meantime.The good news is that there are many ways around the pregnancy issue when it comes to sex, including ways that a man can ensure his good penis health during those nine months and beyond. Here's how.1) Be sensitive to positions. Though many women are more than happy to get it on during pregnancy, some positions might be off limits for the duration. That's because a g…

The Forbidden Fruits - What Are They?

By Raymond Patrick Phelan The answer to the forbidden fruits lies within esoteric interpretation of Genesis 2:16-17 "the tree of the knowledge of the fruits of good and evil" and, "the tree of life". The symbolism behind the word "tree" is that every tree has a root system which receives nourishment, which then serves the overall tree. Thus esoterically "the tree of the knowledge of the fruits of good and evil" and "the tree of life" is that both trees' roots can potentially serve the consciousness, one either of soul-serving nature and the other non-soul serving. In other words, the fruits of one will bind, cling to our consciousness, while the other, the tree of life, will free or purify the consciousness rendering our actions non-binding. Therefore, it's the nature-quality of the particular root - the mind / nervous system - which determines the spiritual quality of the fruit encountered and experienced within the mind / ph…

The Value Of Your Work Is Not Defined By How Many 'Likes' You Get

By Oliver JR Cooper I was speaking to a friend of mine the other day called, Wain, and he was talking about the work that he had been sharing on social media. He had recently created another page and had put in a fair amount of work to build it up.From what he was saying, it made me think about how it is easy to put in a lot of work and end up with very little in return. There can be the money that someone puts in to increase their 'followers' and there can be all the time they put in to create content.Another ApproachNow, another thing that often takes place is that someone will share other peoples work, but they will still have had to find out. It is not as though this material will have just appeared in front of them.Yet, without even talking about what my friend has gone through or what the average person does, I can relate to this myself. When I first started writing, I would write an article and expect it to receive a lot of 'likes' when I shared it.Two SidesIn …

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Corrugated Plastic, Paperboard: What Custom Box Material to Go For

Custom boxes are made from different materials. Each element determines the strength of the box and its use. Depending on the depth of one's pocket and the purpose of acquiring a certain container, one can specify what material they want their boxes to be made of. However, it would be wise to do a quick research before getting on the phone (or laptop) to order a custom container.

Custom Box Materials
Corrugated Plastic: Also known as Corriboard, corrugated plastic is a wide-range of plastic-plastic-sheet products made from high-impact polypropylene resin. Lightweight but tough, this material is mainly used for making signs and containers (read: boxes). Boxes made of corrugated plastic come in different sizes are reusable, and carry heavier weights than paperboard boxes. Corrugated plastic has many trade names, including Coroplast, Correct, and Twinplast, and it also comes in many colors.

Corrugated Fiberboard: This is the brown material most boxes are made of. Corrugated fiberboard…

Experience the Energising Passion and Pleasure of Tantric Massage

What enters your mind when someone mentions ‘massage’? Relaxation, comfort and luxury? An authentic tantric massage contains all the relaxing and desirable aspects of a traditional massage, along with the benefit of the erotic tantric elements. A tantric rubdown therapy is a bodywork of pure indulgence and luxury with a climax like nothing you have experienced before. It will transport you to a genuine state of ecstasy. This rubdown therapy does not only concentrate on physical pleasure, but also creates a sense of enlightenment where you can feel spiritual energies flowing throughout your body, creating a pleasure like no other. The delicate touch of the masseuse covering inch of you unlocks energies that were previously dormant in your body.

Tantric massage is best performed by a professionalA tantric massage cannot be performed by anyone. For unlocking real pleasure, the bodywork has to be performed by someone who has an in-depth understanding of the art of tantra. You must only se…

Want to Make Your App Successful? Here Are the Tips

A functional and feature-rich business app is a power in your hand to reach over 6 billion mobile device subscribers around the world. Be it startups or large companies, every organization wants its application to take place in the customer's' smart devices.

Today, as we witness thousands of apps deployed on the app store daily, no entrepreneur can breathe a sigh of relief simply by posting an app. It is very easy to get lost in the crowd of mobile applications on both Google Play and App Store.

Here we mention some of the practical tips to prevent your app users from clicking 'uninstall':

Define the goals and set the roadmap
The first doable thing is to define your business goals and set the app roadmap to achieve them. The road map gives you a rough idea about the required features for your customized app. Just stay away from blind imitations as they generally result to be expensive. A successful app is one that attracts and retains users while simplifying your busines…

Optimal Contact Center Technology Improves Customer Satisfaction

Customer loyalty is the make-or-break for most businesses. If customers do not keep coming back to you, and are not advocates of your organization, then churn will become increasingly damaging.

How an optimal contact center can increase customer retention? Customer service is the largest single influence on consumer loyalty. Research has shown that 46 per cent of people feel that service is their number one driver for loyalty, compared to only 33 per cent who felt that product quality was key. So if you can achieve both excellent service and product quality, then your business will have high loyalty, and help drive profits up!

Customer Frustration
The research identified that there are three main areas of customer frustration in the contact center: Hold Times, Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVRs) and Call Transfers.

Businesses need to be aware that these areas can cause a great deal of dissatisfaction amongst customers, and ensure they work to avoid it.

1. Hold Times
We all know that a…

Roses Are Red, But Are Violets Really Blue?

Well, maybe not. In today's Tech world, what seems to be may not be.

Phishing, credit card fraud, email scams, all have become very sophisticated for sure.

An example, I just listed my Note 5 on Amazon seller account, within minutes I had a buyer-until I read the response:

Does this sound like something Amazon would write?

Quote: "we hereby inform you that order have been completed for your item and payment have been received from buyer by us on your behalf. An additional 50 for shipping has been added. You can now go ahead and ship item and get back to us with shipping tracking number for shipment verification in other to transfer your payment into your account".

Obviously, these morons were not very good at it. But many are.

A scammer contacts you out of the blue pretending to be from a legitimate business such a bank, telephone or internet service provider. You may be contacted by email, social media, phone call, or text message.

The scammer asks you to provide or confirm yo…

Different Types of Sturdy Foundation Bolts

The foundation bolts are made by casting from wrought iron rods or mild steel and are used to fasten the machines to the foundations. The size of the bolt to be used depends upon the bulk of the machinery and the immensity of the power of the machinery while it is in use. The f bolt manufacturers make them strong enough as these provide the resistance and the required support to the structure. It also helps in providing a foundation that is strong enough for the entire structure.

For setting the foundation bolts in correct places, positions are marked. After this, the they are suspended into the holes. Concrete is then filled into the space around the bolts and once the concrete sets, the bolts get secured firmly into the ground. There are several types of bolts made by the foundation bolt manufacturers that are used for various purposes. Let us have a look at them.

Bent foundation bolt

These are cast in bent form and then set in the concrete. At times, the machines require to be positi…

The Dramatic Downside of Home Decor Ideas in Movies

Movie sets make all kinds of fantastic home d�cor ideas seem possible, but many of these ideas would have major downsides in real life.

Willy Wonka's Chocolate FactoryThe chocolate factory is a big inspiration to kids everywhere. The pre-teen audience salivates at the sight of the chocolate river, teacup flowers, and trees with balloon-like candy fruit. Who wouldn't want a gigantic room where everything is edible? A reasonable adult with foresight-that's who wouldn't want the biohazard of such a playspace. First, there's the impossible task of fending off insects and replacing expired candy trees. Secondly, inviting any guests to enjoy would be as biologically risky as sharing a lollipop with a group of friends. The only adult who would be interested in a room or house of candy is the witch in Hansel and Gretel.

Texas Chainsaw MassacreThe murderous family in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie isn't portrayed in a very favourable light. "Stand your gr…

Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Choosing High Tensile Fasteners Manufacturers

The fasteners are the most important things that are employed in almost every industry. However, some use light duty fasteners and others use heavy duty fasteners. There are various types of industrial fasteners like industrial screws, bolts, nuts, washers, etc. which can be further classified into various categories as per the application area of the industry. The demand of high tensile fasteners is increasing rapidly because of highly advanced technologies and growth in the array of research and development. The fasteners are made with the various types of metals to meet the demand of every industry. The product is also made with non-metallic materials as per the application demand.

The electroplating and coating of the fasteners is also in trend to perform various functions in different types of industries. The demand of the product is never ending but should be careful while choosing the fasteners as they can harm you in the case of quality failure during the process. Sometimes we …

Thinking How to Do Your Coursework Faster? Here Are 7 Important Tips

Every student dreams of scoring top-notch grades in their coursework but ends up losing their precious grades due to insufficiency of required skills and time management. This article highlights some key factors to keep in mind while composing coursework.

Coursework is a learning activity that aims to develop practical knowledge, research, and writing skills of students. By writing coursework, a student gets practical knowledge of the learned theoretical subject.       

However, students have mixed reactions when coursework is assigned to them by the professors. Some students think of it as an opportunity to learn new things while others consider it as a burden. Whatever the reaction may be, students are bound to complete their coursework in such a way that it touches the benchmark set by their professors.

Writing coursework is not a child’s play. It involves various step-by-step approaches that are to be kept in mind while writing an assignment. Poor writing skills, tight deadlines, an…

Bad Service Can Ruin Your Restaurant's Reputation

During the holidays I enjoyed the time off with some surf, sea and sand. As like most people on holiday, I love spending time with special people at wonderful restaurants. Most of the restaurants I went to knew what they were doing and their waitrons were on the ball. I commend such good customer service. However, there was this one restaurant that I went to that did not offer such a good customer experience. Bad service can give a restaurant a bad name.

Let me share my experience with you.
My companions and I decided to have breakfast at the beach. This particular restaurant is ideally situated on the beach, just a few metres from the sea so you can imagine the beautiful view we were looking forward to. While waiting in the queue to be seated, we were promptly informed that we needed to wait a bit. Once we were seated it took quite some time for our waitron to welcome us and provide us with the menus. When she did show up she advised that the restaurant is very busy and breakfast will …